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The Sights of Amsterdam – Part 3 of 3

So on my last night at the Meyer Hotel in my sleepy little German host town of Bergheim, here’s the last of the pictures from Amsterdam.

The view from a canal bridge right near the red light district.

A very bike-heavy city. The lights there in the background are from The Old Church coffee shop. I hear it's one of the oldest, and most famous 'coffee' shops in Amsterdam.

I really liked this hot dog stand for whatever reason. Pretty, I guess I liked the juxtaposition.

If either McDonalds or Burger King would like to purchase the rights to this image, I'll totally sell out.

Shooting from the hip while dashing in front of a train. Glad I didn't lose my leg.

That's a pretty crazy crane.

Alas, all good things must, unfortunately, come to an end. Heading back down to the car.

Hope you enjoyed the sights of Amsterdam.  A positively delightful little 4 hour stroll through an amazing city.  Pictures of a four-day German costume party coming before too long.

Good night from the Treft Punkt bar in Bergheim, Germany.

-B. Littleton


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The Sights of Amsterdam – Part 2 of 3

Ok, so I said these pictures would be up a while ago.  I guess I lied, but it’s been a crazy few days at work.  And in Germany all together.  Took a few days to check out the Carnival festivities, and ya know, drink.  But anyway, here’s the next batch of the Amsterdam pictures.

Across from the train station. This was beautiful, redefines waterfront. Don't see stuff like this in the States.

Amsterdam Centraal Train Station

Here it is, the red light district.

So them windows with the red lights over them definitely had whores inside of them. Either it was a strange coincidence or they don't like their picture taken, because they left when they saw my camera. In my opinion the place was downright creepy.

I found this way more interesting.

Gorgeous place, missed the sun though.

More to come real soon.

-B. Littleton


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The Sights of Amsterdam – Part 1 of 3

Here’s the pictures from Amsterdam.  You’ve seen the video, but it was a little too fast to pick out the individual images….  Here they are.  As always, don’t know shit about what I was seeing, so I can’t tell you shit about what you’re seeing.  My dearest apologies.  But here’s what you’ll see if you drive to Amsterdam and walk around for a few entirely uninformed hours.

They don't sell those at Starbucks.

And don't fuck around.

The canals were frozen solid. I was frozen solid.

Atlas. His neck must be sore.

Dude was screaming 'Wassup!" Like from the 1998 beer commercials.

More pictures tomorrow.

-B. Littleton

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