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A Sleepy Sunday in Schwandorf

So for the last few days, and the next couple to come, I’m marooned in Schwandorf, Germany.  It’s just down the road from Schwarzenfeld, and it’s a little bit bigger, but it’s equally as quiet.  Apparently, there’s not much to do around here (thanks to my buddy Colin for that link).

So I addressed my rather frustrating Sunday off (I’d rather work so I can get the hell out of here, but that wasn’t an option) by heading to the gas station for a few backpack beers, throwing on the headphones, grabbing the camera, and heading out for a stroll…  Nothing new there, but it was a pretty little village.  I’m sure seeing the pictures second hand will be a lot more entertaining than having to spend a week or two here, and I’m glad to take that hit for you.

And the stroll starts... Right across the street from the Hotel Waldlust.

I guess this is a concert venue, cut right into the hill there. I could go see Nazareth, some presumably shitty German metal band.

Getting towards 'downtown.'

Swans, pretty.

Ah yes, the local NFL pro shop. Looks like business is booming.

This is just weird. I mean what are the odds that they would have two rivers with the exact same name like 8 miles from one another? That just seems like poor planning to me.

The little town is as picturesque as it is dull.

Well, I know what that bottom one means.

Das Naab.

There it is... Schwandorf should buy this shit from me and put it in their travel brochure. Ok, Schwandorf should totally start a travel brochure, and then buy this shit from me and put it in their travel brochure.

A big water wheel, mill thing they've got in a little park by the river.

Walking through town now... This dude found Das Boot, so they bronzed him. Or something. Pretty awesome little statue whatever it is.

Old man in an alley... I find the alleys in these towns captivating for some reason.

The delightfully Bavarian town square. Although they suck at geometry.

And, a little later... The "Bar Cafe" or whatever it's named, where I get my beers on around here.

The town trapezoid later that evening.

And finally, the long walk up the hill back to my slightly-above-bed-sized hotel room.

That’s all for this evening…  I have to get some rest so I can finish up and get out of this beautiful, boring little place.  I hope you enjoyed your vicarious Sunday afternoon in Schwandorf.

-B. Littleton


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The River Naab

Each of the last two nights, I’ve done my best to grab some pictures of the fleeting sunset after work.  I’ve dashed out of the car straight to the little path outside of the hotel that runs alongside the Naab River (which is my second favorite name for a river in Germany, not far behind the Erft River in Bergheim).  Unfortunately, we work too damn hard, so it’s always pretty damn close to dark by the time I got the chance to take my little strolls, but it’s still an awfully pretty little area….

Looking back at our hotel...

Random garage sale in someone's back yard. That sewing machine must be one hell of an antique for the 95 Euro they're asking for it, not that I'm all that well-versed in old-ass sewing machines.

I'm guessing here, but 'hold your kid's hand so their punk ass doesn't fall in the river.'


Standing on the bridge over the river on the one and only road out of town.

One of the numerous times each day I wish I understood German. So don't know what this means.

This little crest is on the gate to our hotel. So don't know what this guy means either. Looks like French.

The sun left me hanging.

A little fountain across the street. It's not over till the fat lady does whatever this fat lady is doing. And she's doing it now, so this must be the end... Upon closer inspection, that might be a guy. Oh well.

Hope you enjoyed your river-side stroll…  It’s time to drink some beers and get some sleep.

Until next time,

-B. Littleton


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A Roadside Sunset in Bavaria

This trip we’re staying  in a little town called Schwarzenfeld.  It’s about about 10 miles from the jobsite, and  the drive t0 and from the plant is actually really pretty.  Most of the drive is spent on a small two lane highway that dissects the Bavarian countryside, and passes several small lakes and ponds in the process.  Tonight, on the way home from work, Glendo was patient enough to let me pull over and snap some some pictures of the sun setting over one of these little lakes…  Have a look.

Who knew that sunsets were pretty in Germany too?  That’s all for this evening.  Pictures from a little stroll along the River Naab coming tomorrow.

Goodnight from the Schloss Schwarzenfeld.

-B. Littleton


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