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Game Day at The Forks

So I’ve been back in the states for a couple weeks now.  And while I miss the shit out of my German people, the good news is that autumn in Colorado is like a 2 month long orgasm of ridiculously beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and Denver Broncos football.  That’s the real football.  Not that European football crap.

Depending on how you look at it, I’ve been either homeless or just a little more itinerant that normal since my return.  I gave up my apartment in Denver before I moved to Germany; didn’t really see the point in paying rent in absentia.  So upon my return I had to impose the on the kindness of my loving and wonderful parents, whose asess I will publicly kiss for their hospitality.

I spend the weekdays at my Mom’s just outside of Denver so I can go like, work or whatever in Boulder.  I spend the weekends up at my Dad’s place in the foothills of Northern Colorado.

Decent setup, but there’s one little problem.  My dad is, well, old-fashioned, and doesn’t have TV.  That left me in a bit of a no-football-on-Sunday-afternoons predicament that urgently needed a remedy.

Enter The Forks.  It’s one of those little establishments one generally only sees in areas I’ll politely describe as rural.  The Forks is a gas station/convenience store/restaurant/bar combo that’s about 20 minutes from my Padre’s place in the zero-stoplight town of Livermore.  Here’s a link to their website if you’re curious about the place…


From said website…

Surprisingly, it’s an excellent place to take in a football game.  Good food, Colorado microbrews on tap, good country folk, and my little dog Big Bear, who you’ve probably met already, is a welcome patron.  Oh, and the drive to and from the place ain’t half bad either.  So without further pontification, here’s a few pictures from last Sunday’s outing to watch Peyton and Co.

If you ever find yourself in the area, stop in for a beer and say hello.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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An Evening at Coors Field

Last time I had a stint at home I spent an evening strolling around Denver, seeing what there was to see and taking in a Rockies game at beautiful Coors Field.  There’s nothing better than a late summer evening in the Rocky Mountains.  Delicious beer.  Beautiful weather.  Tons of sunshine that inevitably leads to a gorgeous sunset.  It’s second to none, and I’ve been enough places to say that with some degree of certainty.

So without further ado, I’ll let you look around.

That’s all for today, I should probably, like, do my job.  Come back real soon, and we’ll have a look around the Pacific Northwest.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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Let’s Go 4-Wheeling – Creedmore Lake

Well, just a shade under 2 months after publishing the first half of this post, it’s time to finish it off.

Let’s see, since we talked last I spent a few days in Oregon, they sent me back to Germany, to England, and to the Czech Republic, I went on a little weekend trip to Switzerland, came back to the states and was sent to West Virginia, and now I’m actually back “home.”  For a week.  Off to China a week from today.

The bad news is that with such a ridiculous schedule, the blog’s been a little, well, impotent recently.  The good news is that I have a whole boatload of pictures and stories and shit which I’ll share with you until I once again get sent out and about.  But, once again, I digress.

Before I was so rudely interrupted by like, life, I was showing you around the back roads of Roosevelt National Forrest in northern Colorado.  Here’s the rest of the pictures from the little off-roading and hiking day-trip I took with my dog…  Enjoy.

Well, that’s all she… I… wrote for today.  Come back soon.  We’ve got Denver and the Pacific Northwest on the docket…

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton

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