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Somewhere in Roosevelt National Forrest… Part 2

Just the rest of the pictures from my camping trip in the hills….

Standing on the top of this little mountain was so amazing. I could see for miles.

Not a bad place to spend an evening.

Home for the night.

The dogs. Tuckered out from our little hike.

The next morning. Gorgeous.

On the way home...

That’s all from this trip up to the hills.  I’m sure it won’t be my last.

-B. Littleton


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Somewhere in Roosevelt National Forrest…

So as you know from my last post, I had a rather exciting Saturday evening this past weekend.  I headed west into Roosevelt National Forrest, got my truck good and muddy, and then stuck it in a 3-foot snow bank on the side of County Road 180.  There’s a reason I wanted to make it to my destination bad enough to attempt to ford said snow bank.  A couple years back I was looking for a place to go camping in the area, and out of dumb luck, turned onto County Road 180A, and headed farther back into the woods.

You are here. County Road 180A. Roosevelt National Forest. Larimer County, Colorado. Thanks Teddy.

The road, which is damn near impassible even in a vehicle made for damn near impassible terrain, became completely impassible about two miles off the main road.  I found a descent place to camp for the night, and hiked what was left of the tire tracks that continued up whatever nameless mountain I was on.  When I got to the end, it took my breath away.

Unfortunately, this was before I got my big boy camera, but some of the pictures are still pretty amazing.  Several of them are panoramic photos as well, so to do them justice you’ll want to click on the image to see it full-sized.  Have a look.

Wasn't much left of the road...

Here we are. The top of some random little mountain and the end of some random little road. Some of my more loyal readers might recognize this picture. It was my original header image.

Seems like a descent place to take in a sunset right? Damn snow bank.

Love it. And the place is completely unmarked. No signs, no trailhead, no nothing.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it back to this little spot, but I will make it back here someday.  Next time I’ll give it a shot in July.  A few more pictures from this little camping trip to the hills coming tomorrow.

-B. Littleton

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An Afternoon Drive In Livermore, Colorado

Here’s a look at my little off-roading adventure this weekend.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to hit up the Jeep trails in Northern Colorado, here’s your chance.  It was a pretty fun outing until a snow bank brought about a rather abrupt ending.  But, in the Rocky Mountains, I suppose that comes with the territory.  Anyway, here’s a video.  So hop into my virtual Tacoma and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

-B. Littleton


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