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A Day in the Life – Western PA

Alright, one more little post from Pennsylvania before I put the place to bed.  This job site managed, in only a week, to put itself at or near the top of the list of shittiest power plants in which to install a lasery-measurey-thingy.  After hearing us bitch about it for a day or four, our boss wanted to see it for himself.  So, one day I snapped a few pictures.

I had my camera with me the whole day, so without really meaning to I ended up documenting what one day doing my super exciting job in this super exciting place is like.  Have a look.

And with that, it’s off to the Comfort Inn or equivalent.  Come back soon.  Maybe I’ll actually show you around the little town one of my local drinking buddies referred to as ‘the arsehole of England.’

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton

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Back To Western PA

Welp…  back to reality.

And by reality, I do of course mean power plants in random little towns.  My German vacation is but a distant memory, and I once again find myself lonely and marooned in a tiny town where I know no one and nothing about the place.  This time it’s East Liverpool, Ohio, which strangely enough is a few thousand miles west of real Liverpool…  Go figure.

The jobsite this trip is the Mansfield station, located about 10 miles down the road and across the state line in the overgrown intersection of Shippingsport, PA.  It’s not all bad.  As I said in my last post, it’s probably better for me to have something to keep myself busy, and I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised by my surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, the town sucks; it’s a tiny town, and it’s sort of a shop-at-Dollar-General-and-get-dinner-at-McDonald’s kind of place.  But the leaves are changing around here, and that’s absolutely gorgeous.  I miss the aspens of Colorado, but all the maples and such are turning pretty shades of red and orange and shit, so there’s that.  I’m hoping at some point this weekend I’ll get a chance to explore a bit and take some pictures….

And I actually drew the long straw for a change.  I was put on this assignment after about 90% of the work had been completed.  So with any luck I’ll just have to put the finishing touches on our lasery-measurey-thingy, give some training and get out of Dodge.

Anywho, here’s a cell-phone picture or 3 from my travel day out here and work today.  Some interesting stuff…

Come back soon for more exciting tales from Western PA…

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Litteton


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