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A Day in the Life – Western PA

Alright, one more little post from Pennsylvania before I put the place to bed.  This job site managed, in only a week, to put itself at or near the top of the list of shittiest power plants in which to install a lasery-measurey-thingy.  After hearing us bitch about it for a day or four, our boss wanted to see it for himself.  So, one day I snapped a few pictures.

I had my camera with me the whole day, so without really meaning to I ended up documenting what one day doing my super exciting job in this super exciting place is like.  Have a look.

And with that, it’s off to the Comfort Inn or equivalent.  Come back soon.  Maybe I’ll actually show you around the little town one of my local drinking buddies referred to as ‘the arsehole of England.’

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton

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Regensburger Dom

Last Friday, when all my German power plant shenanigans had finally come to their merciful end, Ms. Müller and I found ourselves  with a free afternoon in Bavaria.  I’d been told by several people in the area to take the 45 minute drive down to Regensburg if I ever got the opportunity.  Well, the opportunity presented itself, so we made the trip.

Regensburg is quite a pretty little city.  Located right on the Danube, it’s chalk full of incredibly old buildings (like 500 AD, Roman occupation old) and the accompanying narrow streets and alley ways.  It’s most prominent feature, as is the case with most of these old German cities, is its incredibly Gothic cathedral, the Regensburger Dom.  A ridiculously intricate structure, it was pretty neat to stroll around and take its picture.  I’ll show you around the rest of the city real soon…

I’ll shut up and let the pictures talk…

The people in front offer a little perspective…  Massive structure…

Once we ventured inside.

Them are some pipes.

Unbelievably enough, there’s an app for that… How post-modern.

That’s all for today. Come back soon for the rest of the city…

-B. Littleton


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