Perusing Prague – The City Streets

For our next little stint in Prague we’ll do what I do best: wander around aimlessly completely unencumbered by any sort of plan, knowledge of the area I’m visiting, or destination of any sort.

I’m a little, well, eccentric about these trips.  The whole book-a-flight-to-wherever-the-fuck-we-feel-like-sending-you-on-two-days-notice aspect of my job renders planning and preparation completely moot, and as such I have to try to cram whatever tourist crap I can into whatever time I can salvage.  Coupled with my own distaste for like, research and work and stuff, most of my trips end up being pretty similar.

Grab the camera, save the hotel as a favorite in my GPS and throw it in the backpack along with the essentials: beer, batteries, SD cards and the tripod and with nothing but a few recommendations from the front desk dude at the Best Western, I’m off.

A little clerical note, I’m liking the new galleries that WordPress has rolled out, as you might have noticed over the last few posts.  Before, going the gallery route made captions pretty much impossible.  That little bug has been worked out, so if you just can’t live without my cynical witticisms, click on any of the images in the little collage below and you’ll get a carousel gallery complete with notes from yours truly.

Have a look…

That’s all she wrote for now, come back soon for more from Prague, and more than a few pictures of summer time in the Rocky Mountains.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “Perusing Prague – The City Streets

  1. hahha. I actually CAN’T live without your cynical witticisms, thank goodness for wordpress cleaning up the gallery captions 😉

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