A Snowy Night In Downtown Denver

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of returning home from Germany for about a week and a half.  Like most of my trips home, it was a brief little sojourn, but I did get the chance to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now: give Denver, Colorado the treatment I’ve given to Amsterdam, Bergheim, Cologne, the Rocky Mountains, Prague, Paris, Native American ruins in the New Mexico desert, and most recently, Bruges.

In other words, spend several hours drinking beers and taking pictures, and then spending several more hours sifting through the thousands of pictures and making a little movie out of them…

Fortunately enough,there was a steady snow falling on the evening I picked for my little photo shoot, and that turned Denver into a multitude of postcards.  So take a few minutes and have a look around my hometown, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

So that’s my little Denver video….  I hope you enjoyed it.

A little clerical note.  Hardocre followers of my blog know that I generally select a nice header image for each post, and further, that I didn’t do that this time.  Well, that’s because my generic header, the beautiful shot you see above, was taken about 2 years ago in downtown Denver.  Also, the background sunset you see is Denver.  I suppose it’s kind of telling that even after setting foot on 4 continents both permanent images up in here are from Denver, Colorado.  The more you know…

Anywho, come back soon for more Denver, Bruges, and witticisms.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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6 responses to “A Snowy Night In Downtown Denver

  1. Marilyn

    Truly amazing.

  2. Great Video! Colorado is on my bucket list – outdoors and brews. Have a Great Day:)

  3. and whoever gave this post 3/5 stars can go ahead and kiss my ass. You have bad taste mystery person…

  4. the simple fact that I’ve placed a “rate me” widget on my blog in no way gives you the right to somehow, like, rate my post. That section exists purely for adulating fans, not the bearers of messages of mediocrity. Asshole.

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