In Bruges

So a couple of weeks ago my bad-ass of a mother flew from Denver to Frankfurt to come see me in Germany.  Further, knowing I could use a little break from Bergheim, she was even more of a bad-ass and looked into some cool shit we could do that wasn’t too far from the boring, sleepy little German town that I now call home.

I’ll admit, partially because I really enjoyed the movie that shares a title with this here post, we settled on Bruges, not quite a 3-hour drive away.  She found us a nice little apartment in the heart of the old town, and spent a couple of days strolling around the little Belgian city eating their waffles and drinking their beers and shit.

As said movie aptly describes it, Bruges is right out of a fairy tale.  It’s an incredibly scenic, romantic and beautiful little place.  After hours and hours of exploring and about 1800 pictures later, I was kind enough to make you this little video.  So, you can spend the next 5 minutes seeing just about all there is to see from this little town, and hear a pretty solid Cake song while you’re at it.  And you won’t even have to deal with any jet-lag.   Seems like a solid deal to me…

That’s all for now.  More from Bruges to follow, not mention some damn pretty pictures of Cologne, to toot my own horn just a bit.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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9 responses to “In Bruges

  1. Dan Ross

    Awesome Brett thanks man I appreciate you buddy

  2. Marilyn

    Really amazing. In addition to the great photos of Bruges architecture, I especially like the swans. And the zoom effect.

  3. Glen Kelley

    Good to see you posting and a movie no less!

  4. Chris

    This is great! And I like the tribute to your bad-ass mother (via Marilyn Monroe, of course!)

  5. Judy

    Thanks- I’ve missed these little movies!

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