One Night in Miami

Well, It’s been a hectic month or so.  I spent two weeks packing up as much of my life as would fit in 3 suitcases and relocating it to Bergheim, Germany.  The following two weeks were spent unpacking those three suitcases and assembling an ungodly amount of cheap Ikea furniture, not to mention doing my best to get bank accounts, cell phones, the internet, and the like (quite the undertaking for a monolingual ignorant American).

So yes, even though I’m officially an expat these days, I have no new shit from Germany to show you just yet.  Rather, I’ll be showing you around Miami, which given the Germans’ fascination with the place, isn’t too inappropriate anyway.

A couple weeks ago, not too long before I headed off to Germany, I started poking around my United frequent flier account and came upon a rather unsettling bit of information.  Including my year-end flight to Frankfurt, I was set to end the year with right about 73,000 ‘elite qualifying miles,’ a mere 2,000 miles from the next tier on United’s Ryan Bingham ladder.  75,000 EQM’s would mean Elite Platinum status, along with the free luggage and first class upgrades that come with it, for all of 2013.  So, I needed a couple thousand miles…

Talked it over with my boss, and there wasn’t anywhere that needed attention for work, so I was left to my own devices.  I looked around and found a pretty cheap flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which more than satisfied my mileage requirements, and much more importantly, my homies James and Kristin (the same James and Kristin from the Punta Del Este posts) now live in Miami…

So, I took a day off work and headed out for a 22-hour visit to Florida.  The first night we grabbed a beer or two and James and Kristin were kind enough to placate my desire to grab some pictures of the Miami skyline.  We headed to a couple of scenic little spots, set up the tripod and the aforementioned intervalometer, and here’s what we saw…..

Coming soon, we poke around the beach and kill some time before my abbreviated little trip comes to its end…

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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7 responses to “One Night in Miami

  1. The pics came out great! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Jimmy William Bone

    If you really wanted to make Miami seem cool you woulda had this song playing,
    That way you could have everybody party like it’s a year before 1999.

  3. Your photography skills are enviable. Hope you’re enjoying Germany!!!

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