Meanwhile, In Doncaster… Part 2

Pardon the interruption.  It’s been a crazy few weeks full of travel, family stuff and blue screens of death on my computer.  Anyway…

Time for some more pictures from Doncaster.  Not of Doncaster mind you, there’s nothing worth showing, but it was a bit of an adventure anyway.  While my actual camera was conspicuous in its absence this trip, my cell phone saw a fair share of action taking pictures of random funny British crap and power plants.  And don’t worry.  We’ll get back to the beaches of Uruguay real soon.

Next time on Meanwhile, In Doncaster… we’ll check out a laundromat and a power plant!  Try to contain your excitement…

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


Filed under The Road, The Sights, The Sights of Europe

2 responses to “Meanwhile, In Doncaster… Part 2

  1. Those Prawny Pringles must taste superb – ha! Thanks for sharing – Have a Great One:)

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