Viva Punta Del Esta – Part 1

Well, anyone who’s kept up with me over the last few weeks is fully aware of the fact that my current job and my current setting are both pretty miserable.  Those of you that don’t know me might notice that I’ve been here for an awful long time and have yet to post a single picture of the place.  Well, as of yet, I’ve found nothing worth sharing…

I’ve put in 268 hours of work over the last 4 weeks, and I’ve spent damn near a month in the Ramada Encore at the Robin Hood Airport just outside Doncaster, England.  So far I’ve heard this place referred to as a “sheh-ole” (that’s shithole in British), the “arsehole of England” (that’s asshole in British), and “a good place to get nicked” (that’s robbed in British).  My 4 weeks here have been brutal.  It’s been lonely, the work’s been hard, the weather has been foggy and cold and rainy and generally appropriate to England in the early winter, and I desperately want to, like, not be here anymore.

Funny how Doncaster will set a man about fantasizing of better times in better places.  As such, I’ve decided to dip into the hard drive picture stash and pull out some pictures of better times in better places.  More specifically,  some pictures from my March, 2011 trip to South America.  I cashed in 110,000 frequent flier miles and spent a couple weeks with James and Kristin, my expat homies from college.  They were living in Buenos Ares at the time, and for a few days we all took a boat over to Punta del Este, Uruguay for some like, vacation and beach time and shit.  (By the way, they have since started their own social media company, which I will shamelessly plug here).

It was a pretty bad ass weekend…  And for the next few days I’ll show you around the little resort town as best I can…  As always, click on the images to see the full-sized picture, and to get to the carousel gallery thingy…  Enjoy.

Place certainly beats the shit out of Doncaster…  Come back for for another little blogcation soon.  And don’t worry, I punched myself in the kidney for writing that.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton

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