Sunday in Jülich – The Brückenkopfpark

On Sunday, Ms. Müller and I didn’t have a whole lot to do…  We’ve spent plenty of time over the last week and a half laying around watching Breaking Bad, so she suggested that we go check out The Brückenkopfpark in Jülich, a town not too far from her little village of Oberembt.  The Brückenkopfpark eh?  I assure you, that meant precisely as much to me then as it does to you now…  But turns out it was a pretty neat place.

It’s a giant park that encompasses several acres of lush German countryside, and serves as a sort of animal rescue sight.  From what I understand, they adopt all sorts of sick or aging animals from pretty much anywhere.  Wolves, cows, birds, goats, you name it.  And for good measure, there’s a giant Napoleonic fort, a bunch of pretty intricate gardens, and some giant playgrounds and ropes courses for the kiddos.  Have a look.

That’s all for today…

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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6 responses to “Sunday in Jülich – The Brückenkopfpark

  1. chris

    Love the cute baby goat pictures; in fact, I used one as my new wallpaper…I’ll smile and think of you when I turn on my laptop. Thanks

  2. Love your photos and some of the critters are really hamming it up:)

  3. boldbohemian

    Nice! I live vicariously through you two. Laughing about the electricity part!

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