A Saturday in Speyer – Strolling About Town

So after the little boat trip that I told you about yesterday, Ms. Müller, her family and I headed into Speyer proper for some lunch and little walk around town.  I remember when I was showing you all around Regensburg I observed that many German towns are pretty similar.  They’re on a river, they have some beer-gardens, and they a all have a big-ass cathedral.  Turns out Speyer fits that bill.

After departing from the Rhine, we walked around the requisite 1,000 year-old cathedral (which was still pretty impressive, as they all are) and hung out for a while in the little town square.  It was a pretty enjoyable afternoon, and the city was definitely worth seeing…  So check it out:

I suppose that’s all for today…  Tomorrow I’ll take you to Jülich and show you around this crazy park / zoo / Napoleonic fort thing that Ms. Müller found.  Or maybe the next day.  But hopefully tomorrow.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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3 responses to “A Saturday in Speyer – Strolling About Town

  1. Great photo report with lovely photos and great art. I have not been in this town, although I love Germany and its “Autobahnen”.

  2. What a Cool Place to Explore – loving your photos – thanks for sharing!

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