A Tour of Trier – The Amphitheater

For our last little stop in Trier we’ll be checking out the ruins of the Roman amphitheater.  Just on the other side of the gardens from the palace we saw yesterday, this thing was built in the 2nd century AD when the Romans occupied the area.

One frustrating thing about sight-seeing in out-of-the-way places around here is that all the information they give me, brochures, placards and the like, are all in German, so they’re not horribly helpful.  But, it was still pretty neat to wander about the excavation site.

I was also able to explore the underground passageways around the thing, which were pretty damn impressive as well; It’s pretty neat to peer into an 1,800 year-old bathhouse.  Anywho, have a look around…

I hope you enjoyed your little tour of Trier…  I’m not the most informative tour guide, but at least you had the chance to look around.  I’m not real sure what’s up next.  This weekend I’ll be heading to Speyer with Ms. Müller and her crazy family, If I get a chance, I’ll show you around.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton

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