A Tour of Trier – The Trier Palace

For day two of our little tour of Trier we’ll check out the Palace and the Palace Gardens.

The palace was pretty cool, but the really impressive stuff was the gardens.  They were incredibly elaborate (at least to an ignorant American like me) and were lined with dozens of marble statues…  As I know even less about this place than the Porta Negra, I suppose I should just shut up and let you have a look for yourself…

Coming tomorrow, the last little Trier installment: the old roman amphitheater.  It, like the rest of the city, is worth seeing.

Don’t be a stranger.

-B. Littleton


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4 responses to “A Tour of Trier – The Trier Palace

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  3. ahhhhh!!!!! my old stomping ground, you finally made it to trier!
    tis an enchanting town. hope you frequented the Irish pub whilst there? I used to work ther!!!

    fun times, sehr gut!

    • i wish. I flew into Frankfurt the day before i had to be at work… I just drove to Trier and walked around for a few hours and then took off for my final destination of Grevenbroich. Not exactly a comprehensive stay, but it was a beautiful little town.

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