Back to Colorado Springs

A couple weeks ago I headed a couple hours south from Boulder to my home town of Colorado Springs for my 10 year high school reunion.  I called this very beautiful bastion of conservative thought and Christian fundamentalism home for 12 years, give or take.  It’s a remarkably pretty place, but it’s not really known for it.  I guess Focus On the Family and the strong military presence in the area get most of the press.

But it was kind of interesting to take this little trip down memory lane; I’ve only been back once or twice since both my father and I moved away from the place in 2003.  So, if your interested in seeing the little town, or knowing a little bit more about where my crazy ass comes from, have a look.

Colorado Springs

Heading into town…

Colorado Springs

The house in which I grew up… Nice place, but I was actually one of the poor kids in the district because I lived in Lower Skyway, which so isn’t as cool as Upper Skyway…

Colorado Springs Deer

A big old buck laying in someone’s front yard. Saw a lot of this around here.

Colorado Springs Deer

A different buck in a different front yard. Like 500 feet from the last one. No flower garden is safe around here.

Cheyenne Mountain High School

Cheyenne Mountain High School. Where I done got my learnin’. Looks more like a small college really.

Cheyenne Mountain High School

The baseball diamond where I spent many of my afternoons. I miss that shit.

Shit yes I’m proud to be an Indian. Actually, they tried to change our mascot while I was a student there. It’s no longer pc to have your mascot be a native american. But, they let us slide, I guess our little guy wasn’t quite as bad as Chief Wahoo.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor. The ridiculously swanky 5 star hotel just a mile or two from my high school. Yeah, we were a bunch of spoiled white kids.

The Broadmoor House

See? This is what a lot of the homes in the area look like.

Colorado Springs Foreclosed home

Ha. I guess someone couldn’t quite afford their McMansion.

Cheyenne Mountain High School

I headed up the hill for a while in the afternoon. And by hill, I do mean Cheyenne Mountain, most famous for being the home of NORAD. There’s my high school off in the distance.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor from the side of the hill.

Colorado Springs

And finally, our modest downtown.

The Starr Kempf house.

The Starr Kempf house. This place is pretty wild. Some crazy sculptor lived here for years, and his yard is still filled with his giant steel statues. They’re amazing, most of them move in the wind.

Starr Kempf Statue

Colorado Springs Pioneer Musem

Headed downtown now. The Pioneer Museum.

Colorado Springs Pioneer Musem

Sunset Downtown Colorado Springs

A pretty little sunset.

Downtown Colorado Springs

As you can see… the place is bumpin’.

That’s all or C. Springs…  While I was in town I also headed about 20 miles up into the mountains and took a little hike to St. Peter’s Dome.  It’s a little rock formation that offers ridiculous panoramic views of the area.  I’ll show you the place real soon.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “Back to Colorado Springs

  1. boldbohemian

    I have enjoyed your world travels. This is somewhere I have been, so I can’t be jealous of this one! 😉

  2. I’m glad to hear it, as always :). Colorado Springs is a surprisingly pretty place…. I’m a lucky dude to have grown up there… I’m off to Germany later this week, so the world travels will start up again shortly :).

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