A Snowy Day In Livermore

Ok, so one more batch of pictures from the mountains.

Just when I was getting started at this little job of mine, I actually spent about 9 months living with my father up in the hills.  His place is about 1o miles from the nearest town, Livermore, and that town consists of a post office and a gas station and literally nothing else.  So much of my free time consisted of throwing the dogs in the truck and driving around the back roads and jeep trails of northern Colorado.  Before a couple of days ago, I hadn’t poked around a lot of the old photos I took on these excursions in quite some time.  And turns out, I like some of them…

Here’s some from one of those random afternoon trips…

Ok, I’m done with my little mountain kick for the time being.  Next week I’m off to Pittsburgh, PA, with a possible stop in Charleston, WV.  I’ll keep you posted, and do my best to keep you entertained in the mean time…

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “A Snowy Day In Livermore

  1. Judy

    Everybody enduring the heat of summer will enjoy this glimpse of snow!

  2. Markus Wunsch

    When i see your last posts i get the travel bug. Nice pictures, pretty landscape!

  3. boldbohemian

    Snow, I had forgotten what it looked like! To me mountains and desert are equally beautiful.

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