The French Quarter and Bourbon Street

On Saturday night, my esteemed colleague Mike and I headed downtown to get some dinner in the actual, like, cool part of New Orleans.  The visit was brief.  It consisted of a 20 minute search for a parking spot, a 45 minute stroll looking for a good place to eat,  a pretty decent meal, and then a quick trip down Bourbon Street to see what there was to see.

It was a long ways from a comprehensive tour of the city.  We didn’t see much, of the stuff that we did come across, about all we did was see it, and only in the most literal of senses.  But it was an entertaining little evening, and despite its inherently brief nature, we were in the French Quarter, and we did walk down Bourbon street on a warm Saturday night…  So that’s pretty cool…  Have a look if you feel so compelled.

While I might not be able to say much else, I can now say that I’ve seen Bourbon Street…  So I’ve got that going for me.  Hope you enjoyed your little taste of the bayou.  Come back soon.

-B. Littleton


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6 responses to “The French Quarter and Bourbon Street

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  2. boldbohemian

    You have now checked that one on your list. I visited, not in love.

    • yeah… It was nice. I think i would have enjoyed a lot more if hadn’t been the end of July… Too hot and humid for my taste. Seemed like a pretty interesting city though…

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  4. Were you able to get to Frenchmen Street? When I was there, we were told that it was what Bourbon Street used to be (so, minus the hookers and sex shops, I guess). If so, what did you think?

    • No, we didn’t see it. I spent about 3 hours downtown, and didn’t really get to see much… Sounds like that would have been a little more my style, i’m sorry i missed it.

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