Croc Hunting in Bavaria

In one of those strange what-a-small-world moments, this weekend I heard a snippit on the radio about a massive search for a crocodile that was loose in Bavaria.  Having just been in Bavaria, I poked around on the internet this morning, and couldn’t believe what I found…  In one of those strange the-world-is-even-smaller than I thought moments, the “crocodile” was running rampant in the town of Schwandorf.  The same town, of a whopping 28,000 people, in which I had just been working.

Apparently undeterred by the fact that crocodiles don’t live in Bavaria, officials scoured the surrounding area for the offending reptile…  As it turns out, the threat wasn’t as dangerous as they had feared.

I couldn’t believe that driving up I-25 to meet my father in Loveland, Colorado, that I would ever hear news of one my tiny German host towns…  But I did.  And I got a chuckle out of it.  Maybe you will too…  Here’s a link to the article I found about Ze Germans doing their best Steve Irwin impressions, and what they actually found…

For days last week, officials in a German city deployed rubber dinghies, divers and even helicopters in search of an alleged stray crocodile. Now the authorities in Schwandorf believe the reptile was really just a beaver.

Ze Germans go croc-hunting.

Pardon the digression…

-B. Littleton

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