The Stone Bridge of Regensburg

The rest of our day in Regensburg was spent strolling along, and across, the Danube river as it dissects the city.   I’m going photo gallery style on this one, which means no captions, but that’s ok.  I’ll fill you in now.

I guess the big stone bridge is named, creatively enough, Stone Bridge, and was built in the 12th century (that wikipedia article about the thing is pretty interesting).   Some buskers were kind enough to be excellent props in one of the photos.  And turns out German backpack technology is seriously lacking.

Click on the thumbnails to check out the gallery…

That’s all for Regensburg…  Up next, I’ll tell you about my last day in Germany, which was spent walking around Frankfurt.  And on Tuesday I’m off to spend the next 2 weeks of my life in New Orleans, and I’ll keep you posted about that as well…  Come back soon.

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “The Stone Bridge of Regensburg

  1. ronaldzimmerman

    here’s one of mine from a cloudy day in my favorite German city:

  2. Brenda Tracy

    Your pictures of the Danube are stunningly beautiful. Thank so much for sharing!

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