Reconnoitering Regensburg

Last Friday, when all my German power plant shenanigans had finally come to their merciful end, Ms. Müller and I found ourselves  with a free afternoon in Bavaria.  I’d been told by several people in the area to take the 45 minute drive down to Regensburg if I ever got the opportunity.  Well, the opportunity presented itself, so we made the trip.

Yesterday, I showed you the cathedral in town.  Today, I’ll show you what we saw of the rest of the city on our entirely aimless little stroll.  I’ve ambled through more than my fair share of random German cities anymore, and for the most part, they’re pretty similar.  Big church.  River.  Beer Gardens.  Old shit.

What struck me about this place was just how old the shit was.  Many of the buildings were built so long ago that there wasn’t even room for your typical insanely narrow European street.  The ‘roads’ were 1 car wide, and were more often than not pedestrian-only walking zones.

These narrow alleys and the 3 or 4 story buildings that line them make for a pretty unique feel.  Cavernous seems too strong a word, but I guess it fits…  I guess I should just let you see for yourselves…

First of all, you are here. Southeastern Germany, in the heart of Bavaria.

I guess these here walls date all the way back to the Roman occupation.

See what I mean?  The city is so old all the ‘streets’ are more like sidewalks creating a maze of narrow little alleyways.

Pretty cool.  Incorporated the Roman stuff into the modern buildings…

This pigeon-toed dude is sporting some seriously kick-ass lederhosen.

Typical. Am I right fellas?

Cheese it. The fuzz.

Those eyes…

The town square.

Not far from Kaffe Dada where we stopped for a vegan dinner…

McDonalds… depresses me where I find these…

And here’s the Danube… Pretty stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the pictures from the rest of our walk around town and along the river…  Quite a pretty place.  Come back and see it.

-B. Littleton


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3 responses to “Reconnoitering Regensburg

  1. Marilyn

    Charming town; great pictures!

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