An Afternoon in Aachen

Once again, I have to apologize for posting inconsistently-at-best.  Work has been insane, but after 7 weeks and a 22 hour travel day, I’m back home for a whopping 7 days before they ship me out again.   As such, I’ll do my best to fill you in on my past, and upcoming, adventures…

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Müller and I took the 45 minute drive west to Aachen, Germany.  We spent the afternoon wandering aimlessly about the city before checking out a concert put on by the Nazi Dogs, a local punk rock band…  Have a look.

You are here. Just about on the German-Belgian border.

The A. Z. The cold war era bomb shelter turned underground concert venue where we took in the show.

Strolling about.

Ah yes, ze German head shop.

The town center with its requisite old church.

Ah yes, the Hifi am Bushof.  Your one stop shop for all your old school audio/video equipment needs.

Those umbrellas don’t appear as though they’d be horribly effective.

The cool kids hanging out by the fountain.

The cool old building in town… Whatever it is.

This little guy is what Ze Germans refer to as a beer-bike. A veritable B.U.I. machine, it had maybe 10 dudes pedaling, a keg, and a bartender… Seems like a safe enough idea to me.

Wait, that kid is like 11 years old. I know we’re in Europe and all, but still.

More old catholic shit.

I like the bandage and the German flag on it’s tail… It’s a shame Germany was eliminated from the European Championships a couple of days before…

Ze Germans have some awfully novel ideas sometimes. Here’s a sign for the area parking centers, complete with the number of free spaces in each.

A cool old bug. I’m kind of a nerd.

And finally, a crappy cell phone picture of the show itself…  Good stuff.

It was a long night, but all in all, a pretty good time.  Come back soon for Regensberg and a few more of the sights of Frankfurt…

-B. Littleton

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