A Lazy Day in Dusseldorf

This weekend, fate, and my boss, did me a solid, I had both Saturday and Sunday off of work.  Two whole days spent hanging out completely sans-power plant in Germany.  On Saturday, Ms. Müller and I took off to spend a few hours in Dusseldorf.  The little area in which I spend the vast majority of my time out here is right between Dusseldorf and Cologne.  I’ve been to Cologne a bunch of times, but I’d only been to Dussledorf once, and I’ll be honest, I had a fair amount to drink that night, so I’m not really sure if it even counted…

So we drove from Bergheim to Grevenbroich, and then took the train into the city.  There we spent a few hours walking around, getting some food, strolling along the Rhine, and I did my best to wear out Ms. Müller’s patience by stopping every two seconds to take pictures.  If you feel so compelled, come along on our little stroll.

Switching trains in Neuss.

The monster train station in Dusseldorf…



Ever. Some of my friends have astutely observed that this dude looks a shitload like Rod Stewart.

Like this. No clue what any of it is, I never, ever do.

The canals that run through town. Pretty stuff.

Artsy still-life crap.

Stereotypes are funny.

Dude on the right is actually one of the friendlier Germans I’ve encountered.

Foreign languages can be pretty funny too.

This dude insisted that I take his picture. So I did. Then I published it.  Joke’s on him.

We stopped here and got some falafel…

Don’t think this guy’s going anywhere for a while.

The stoop where all the cool kids hang out…

It’s a stoop with a view…

And coal barges on the Rhine. Pretty good chance I’ve worked on the boiler for which this is destined.

That’s all for this evening.  The rest of our day in Dusseldorf will be coming soon…

-B. Littleton


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6 responses to “A Lazy Day in Dusseldorf

  1. boldbohemian

    Enjoyed your blog today. Especially the humor.

  2. The canals are beautiful! I’ll have to make sure to spend some time here this summer.

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