About Yesterday…

So I went back back and read yesterday’s post while I was at work today, because I’m kind of a nerd like that, and there’s a couple of things I feel I should clarify.

I was cranky last night.  I’d spent the last 3 days working on one of my least favorite boilers, which is a big call from a guy who’s worked on better than 30 different boilers in 4 countries (I plan on telling you about this place soon).  And it showed in my post.

The soccer game I described yesterday wasn’t too pleasant of an experience for me.  I was the D.D. so I had to be a good boy, and that probably didn’t help much; I certainly wasn’t on the same level as my fellow spectators, to say the least.  Some drunk asshole called my girlfriend a bunch of atrocious names, and that soured my mood a little bit as well.  Now, I completely stand by my assessment of the repulsiveness of the story of Serb-hunting, and the anti-anyone-from-Portugal sentiment, but…

I like Germany.  I like Germans, for the most part, they’re good people.  I like watching soccer games over here.  I was here during group play of this year’s Champion’s League, and I was actually in Leverkusen while Bayern Leverkusen was playing in the ECC.  Aside from making parking a nightmare, it was a wholly positivie experience.  I watched a game in the hotel bar with about 20 dudes who were drunkenly yelling at the TV, as well they should have been.  Didn’t phase me in the slightest.  Hell, it was kind of fun, and I found myself a Leverkusen fan for that evening.

I guess it was the mob mentality, the people who were quite literally spitting-mad at the Portuguese, and the dude who got way too drunk and called Ms. Müller a whore that turned me off.  But, in retrospect, I was guilty of the exact crime as these crazy bastards: in my head I held German football fans as a whole responsible for my negative experience, not just the assholes who were being assholes.

So it’s on the record now.  Last Saturday sucked.  And as American who doesn’t give two shits about Schweinsteiger or Podolski I’ll probably steer clear of the public viewings in the future…   But, I’ll compartmentalize a bit.  To the assholes of the evening, you’re all assholes.  To the rest of you crazy Germans, you’re alright.


-B. Littleton.

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