The Red Lights and Skyscrapers of Frankfurt

Well, in a charming bout of Murphy’s Law, right after I assured you all I would be back, the hard drive blew up on my computer.  But not all is lost, I have a new machine, and although I’m struggling a bit with the German keyboard, I’m back into comission.

The bad news is that I lost the majority of the pictures that I’ve taken this trip.  Those that I already uploaded are safe, but today’s post is but an abbreviated version of the original.  It was supposed to part 1 of 3.  Now it’s part 1 of 1.  Oh well, we still have some awfully pretty pictures of downtown Frankfurt in here, and who knows, maybe I can get my other laptop brought back to life and they’ll be up eventually.

I scheduled my flight out to Germany to allow for a couple of days with the lovely Ms. Müller.  I was bound for a little town in Bavaria, about 2.5 hours southeast of Frankfurt.  Ms. Müller calls Bergheim home, and that’s about 2 hours northwest of Franfurt.  So I used some George Clooney points to score us a free hotel in downtown Frankfurt, so we could meet up and spend the weekend together.

Our hotel. The Clarion Inn Frankfurt…

What I didn’t know, was that this totally legitimate hotel run by a totally legitimate hotel chain was located in the heart of the wholly illegitimate red light district.

Uh oh.  I know what those red lights mean…

And the view from our otherwise wonderful hotel room… That’s a big-ass whorehouse.

All things considered it wasn’t too bad.   There were an astonishing amount of clearly drugged up junkies running around, and a whole lot of broken-looking women in clothing I’ll politely describe as provocative, but the district lasted but a few rather depressing blocks, and beyond that was the city center…

Whores be damned. The next day we went for a little stroll…

Some pretty legit skyscrapers.

And there are more on the way, apparently…

They had some statues and shit too… Don’t know what they are. I never know what they are.

All the glass-front buildings made for some awfully pretty reflections…

So how do you say “Chinese fire drill” in German?

How they put that one building inside that other building is beyond me…

And finally, one more of the cranes. Like this one.

Kinda bums me out, I lost a lot of good pictures.  Oh well, there are those that back up, and those who will, I suppose.  I’m back in Bergheim now, and their fair city turned 700 years old this weekend.  I’ll tell you about the birthday festivities just as soon as I can.

-B. Littleton


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3 responses to “The Red Lights and Skyscrapers of Frankfurt

  1. Great photos – a modern touch to the city – thanks for sharing!

  2. boldbohemian

    Enjoyed reading!

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