A Little Town Hits the Big 700

So this weekend, the fair city of Bergheim turned 700 years young.  Apparently, when little German towns turn 700, they throw a shitty Renaissance festival, they all dress up in atrocious Lord of the Rings costumes, and everyone gets shitcanned just outside my hotel room window.  It was a decent little spectacle, have a look.

Happy 700th…

I don’t know where we’re up to here. But I really wish I did…

The revelers pausing for a cocktail on the patio at Best Cocktails und Mehr.

Some pretty sweet duds. Didn’t even mean to take this picture…

Apparently, it is also protocol to reconstruct one’s city walls out of scaffolding and canvas when one turns 700…

A stilted bagpipist from my hotel window… My room is amazingly well-located for the festivities… Not so much for sleep, bagpipes make unbelievably effective alarm clocks, and I couldn’t find the snooze button…

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I suppose…

So just to the right of the ‘C’ in cafe is my open hotel window… Awesome room any weekend but this one…

People hawking crappy middle-ages stuff.

For a mere 13 Euro you could go all Braveheart on these Gauls…

I guess we’re all pretty excited to ride the “Wikingerreise.”

Ze German power couple.

The bagpiper again.

Cute little girl playing in the fountain…

Lil dude was killin’ it.

Ok, this is starting to look like a LARPing party.

Ah yes, the sausages. We are in Germany after all.

Ok, I was right. We’re LARPing and we’re damn committed too.

The city crest on the actual non-canvas city walls.

And finally, a party just ain’t a party until someone starts selling knives…

That’s all for today, we’ll have some more birthday festivities before too long.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “A Little Town Hits the Big 700

  1. Ha! – loving your post – thanks for sharing the festivities with your readers! Have a Great Day:)

  2. No problem :). Thanks for coming along.

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