The I-40 Experience – Part 2

Unfortunately, what goes up must come down.  Well, I guess in this case what goes west must go east.  After the long drive to and a couple of days of work in Holbrook I headed back towards Albuquerque to Grants, NM.

It was a damn pretty day for the drive. View was decent too. Here we are at some random rest area tourist store thingy.

I like it.

Who’s up for some flapjacks?

I guess I misspoke. It wasn’t some random little shop. It was the Fort Courage Trading Post.

I don’t think it’s all that necessary to put ‘Keep Out’ on the sewage disposal sign.

I wonder if I have time to rebook my hotel…

I’m a little bit surprised this wasn’t a Pony Express sticker.

Hey, tourists in the west like busted old wagon shit.

Wild west wagon wheel with sun spots shot.

Later on down the road. Getting to beautiful Gallup, NM now.

A truly one stop shop. You can take care of all your gun, bow and arrow, and jewelry repair needs.

A refinery with a view.

The landscapes in the area really are gorgeous.

I love the sandstone cliffs.

Decent little sunset too. The start of one anyway.

Some random dilapidated building by the side of the highway.

Finally got to Grants just as the sun was setting.

Gorgeous sunsets in the area, that’s for sure.

Finally, Handy Andy’s Groceries. I actually really like some of the cheesy, neon, Americana, route 66 signs. This is where I get my Fat Tire around here.

And I’m pleased to announce, that that’s all for I-40.  Coming real soon, pictures and crap of Chaco Canyon.  And trust me, it’s worth seeing.

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “The I-40 Experience – Part 2

  1. LOVE! Great shots. Wish I were there.

    • Hey thanks a lot. There are some pretty sights out there, and the sun is virtually always shining, it’s a nice place to take some pictures. You’ll have to go check it out sometime 🙂

  2. Judy Plumery

    Great Photos- love the old signs.

  3. Laura

    Can’t wait for the next post! Your shots are always beautiful.

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