A Bittersweet Day in the Desert

So it’s a bit after 10:00 pm, and I’m sitting in a booth at my local Denny’s.  There’s not a whole lot to choose from when a dude gets hungry this late in Grants…  And despite the $110 per night price tag on my hotel room, the wifi is AWOL, and I feel like writing, so here I am.

Today was interesting.  Considering the fact that I’m on a service call in the boonies, it was as good of a day as I possibly could have asked for, but something just wasn’t quite right.  Bittersweet really is the only word that comes to mind, trite as it may be.  Here’s what I mean…

Bitter: I’ve spent the last 4 days travelling to, driving hundreds of miles across, and working in the middle of nowhere in Arizona and New Mexico.

Sweet: I actually got done early.  By damn near a day and a half.

Bitter: No flights home were available tonight, so I ended up with an afternoon and evening to kill around here.

Sweet: Chaco Canyon, an expansive complex of American Indian ruins is nearby.  Place is breathtaking.  So I went and checked it out.

Bitter:  It turned into a rather exhausting 8-hour trip.  Despite being only 57 miles away as the crow flies, it was a 5-hour round trip drive on virtually deserted two-lane ‘highways’ and included 45 miles of rough dirt roads.  My sincerest apologies to Hertz.

Sweet: It was more than worth it.  Place was gorgeous, and incredibly interesting.

Bitter: I was lonely as shit.

It’s hard.  Think of a time that you went someplace cool.  Any old place will do.  You probably went there with somebody.  And when you saw something worth seeing, you more than likely turned to whomever you were with and told them as much.  “Hey look at that.”  Or “check that out, it’s gorgeous.”  I can’t count how many times I muttered something along those lines to myself over the course of my little day trip.

I’m sure it didn’t help that I was exploring the ruins of a long-since vanished society.  Or that I was in an astonishingly isolated place about 20 miles past the middle of nowhere.  But as I wandered the trails of this ridiculous antiquity, my mind was about 5,000 miles to the east.  By all means it was amazing, and was certainly a place I’m lucky to have experienced.  But that didn’t change the fact that it would have been infinitely better if there’d been a beautiful, sarcastic red-head walking beside me saying “wow, that is really cool.”

Amazing day.  And I’m ready to go back to Bergheim now.

Goodnight from New Mexico,

-B. Littleton


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4 responses to “A Bittersweet Day in the Desert

  1. Brenda Tracy

    Hi Brett.
    Thanks for sharing all of these great pictures. Fortunately I have visited this area and it is definitely worth the time on those rough roads. And I totally understand your sentiment about sharing this with someone special. 🙂 BT

    • It is really pretty, I’m glad i got a chance to go back, on the company dime no less… But it can be a pretty lonely place, that’s for sure… Didn’t you used to live in Chaco Canyon?

  2. Amolia

    Bittersweet is definitely the word. Hoping more sweet is coming your way soon! 😉

    • Thanks Molly… I appreciate that… I’m sure you’re one person who can relate to the whole seeing pretty shit alone thing… I hope you enjoyed Venice… Keep me posted 🙂

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