L’Arc de Triomphe

Today, our ridiculously long walk around Paris comes to its conclusion at the Arc de Triomphe…  Here’s the last of the pictures from our little stroll.

Another contingent of riot cops...

There it is... Napoleon would be proud.

As weird as this might sound, it was almost memorizing to stand there and stare at the traffic... The 'roundabout' is probably 6 or 8 lanes wide, with no lane markings, and there's probably 10 or 12 entrances and exits. It was nuts.

Some random pretty building across the street.

And with that we made the long hike back to the hotel…  It was a long day, I figure we walked about 16 miles, give or take, and holy shit I was sore by the time we made it home…  But it was an incredible experience, and thanks for coming along.

Also, I’ve just been informed that I’ll be spending next week in the New Mexico and Arizona desert, working first in Holbrook, AZ (pop. 5,126), and then in Grants, NM (pop. 9,182). While that might not sound horribly exciting, it’ll be nice to get out of my cubicle, and I’m sure I’ll take a picture or two along the way….

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “L’Arc de Triomphe

  1. GREAT photos – thanks for sharing!

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