Les Invalides and the Église du Dôme

After moseying through the gardens, we continued on towards Les Invalides, and the very impressive Église du Dôme.  According to that there Wikipedia article, the dome itself was the inspiration for the dome on the White House, as well as several other prominent structures…  It was pretty easy to see why…

Some random church at sunset... Love this picture...

And here we are at the dome.

This place was really pretty. Places like this were almost more impressive to me than some of the more well-known tourist attractions. I guess I was just surprised at how many breathtaking structures and beautiful sights we saw that I'd never heard of... I mean, I'd never heard of the Église du Dôme before this trip... Maybe it's just me though.

Ah yes, a segway tour. You'll never guess what language the tour guide spoke...

And with that, we’re off to the Eiffel Tour.  Seriously, come back tomorrow, the pictures are pretty amazing…

-B. Littleton

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