The Jardin du Luxembourg

For today’s portion of our stroll through Paris we headed from the Pantheon towards Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower.  We noticed (well, Lotta noticed, I had long since surrendered any control whatsoever) that the Jardin du Luxembourg was directly in our path…  So we weaved through the intricate gardens and statues on our way…  Have a look.

A rough, and I do mean rough, approximation of the route we took from the Pantheon (A) to the Eglise du Dome at Les Invalides (B). You can see the gardens in there... Not exactly small...

Ok, you got me, we're not quite to the gardens yet.

Now we are.

I guess it's the 2nd biggest public park in Paris...

Ms. Müller.

This dude needs a new acupuncturist, stat.

So I guess this place, the Luxembourg Palace, is the home of the French Senate. I learned something new today.

Something you'll never see in the states, a guy in a beret playing basketball...

People kissin'

If anyone feels like enlightening me as to what the hell this game is, I'd love to hear it.. I also like the coat rack... We need shit like this in the states... I want to hang up my jacket and play some horseshoes on my lunch break...

With the gardens behind us, we’re on to the Eglise Du Dome.  Come back and see us tomorrow.

-B. Littleton


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3 responses to “The Jardin du Luxembourg

  1. Marilyn


  2. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

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