Vegan Falafel and The Pantheon

Today, the stroll through Paris continues.  We left Notre Dame in search of some lunch, but my travelling partner is vegan, so that made things a bit more challenging.  Using some crazy vegan food app on her phone (which was strange, I didn’t think vegan people could use computers), she found a restaurant in the vicinity where she wanted to eat.  So we punched it into the GPS, and after only a couple of wrong turns we found the place.  From there we ventured onward towards the Pantheon with a couple of stops along the way…

And we're off... I guess we'll try to find some vegan food...

Weaving our way through the little alleys and streets.

I guess pizza is a no go...

We're getting there...

Hey we found it... Props to Lotta, she managed to find herself a decent vegan meal in Paris. Nice work.

With some falafel and freedom fries under our belt, we continued on towards the Pantheon.

Ms. Müller informs me that this is Sorbonne... It happened to be on our way... Don't know much about it, but you can check out that link if you'd like...

A philosophy nerd in front of a philosophy book store...

My typically ignorant opinion: it's pretty.

Really? In English? Seems pretty oxymoronic to me...

And there it is... The Pantheon

An aside... That is one well-dressed bus driver.

The building across the street... I guess it's part of the University of Paris.

I just liked this dude...

That’s all for today…  Tomorrow we head off thisaway:

Coming soon: The Jardin du Luxembourg, the Église du Dôm, the Arc de Triomphe, and oh yeah, that Eiffel Tower thing…  You wouldn’t want to miss it would you?

-B. Littleton

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One response to “Vegan Falafel and The Pantheon

  1. boldbohemian

    I just blogged about finding a vegan meal where I live. Glad you were able to accomplish it in your part of the world!

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