The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral was our second destination on our trek through Paris.  It was cool to have a bit of a francophile accompanying me on this trip, as this was one of the big sights that I missed on my first Parisian adventure.  It was pretty cool to get to see it.  Have a look.

There she is... Along with a double-decker tour bus. In retrospect, I bet my feet would've felt a lot better if we'd have gone that route...


In the land of pigeons, the man with a blue track-suit and a bag of stale bread is king.

Dude was earning tips by handing out his bread/pigeons...

This little guy was more than satisfied with merely chasing the pigeons around.

Being a 4-year-old was awesome. Look at how happy this little dude is... He doesn't even have an X-Box or nothing.

Zeus looks pissed.

Pretty big crowd too...

We were thinking about going in... Then we saw the line.

Kind of a big church, I guess.

A one man band. Now I can say that I've seen a dude dressed in a giraffe suit belting out Oasis...

Couple more street performers. Busking is big in Paris.

Sax player got into a friendly sword vs. saxophone fight with the little dude... It didn't end well...

Unfortunately, that's all for our abbreviated stop at the Notre Dame.

Come back tomorrow.  Ms. Müller leads us on a hunt for vegan falafel, and we venture onwards towards the Pantheon…  Apparently, Paris has one of those too…

-B. Littleton

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