Oh, Just Some Pictures of Prague – Part 2

As you might have seen, last weekend I got a chance to take one of my little abbreviated let’s-go-see-some-random-city-in-Europe trips.  Glendo and I kidnapped our favorite German bartender and headed 3 hours east to Prague.  It is, from my brief-at-best impressions, an amazing city, and we could’ve spent days there without truly seeing what the city has to offer.  However, it was a blast, and we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

Anywho, here’s some pictures of what we saw.  As always, I’d love to tell you about what you’re seeing, but, I’ve got nothing to tell you.  You probably know the drill by now.  1 day off out of 13.  In a part of the world I know nothing about, visiting a city I know nothing about, short of the fact that I should go there.  So we went there.  No planning, no research.  3 hour drive.  6 hour walk.  3 hour drive.  Trip over.  Word.

We ducked into some random mall we walked past to take a leak... We didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into... 5 stories. And the place was like a maze... I half-expected Bowie to show up.

And they had very judgmental bathrooms...

She doesn't look horribly impressed. This totally wasn't the urinal I used. My girl was astonished, I assure you.

Headed down to the the Vltava river. I had to Google that.

That's a funny lookin' goose.

Sweet. The Jazz Boat.

Come back tomorrow, won’t you?

-B. Littleton


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