A Sleepy Sunday in Schwandorf

So for the last few days, and the next couple to come, I’m marooned in Schwandorf, Germany.  It’s just down the road from Schwarzenfeld, and it’s a little bit bigger, but it’s equally as quiet.  Apparently, there’s not much to do around here (thanks to my buddy Colin for that link).

So I addressed my rather frustrating Sunday off (I’d rather work so I can get the hell out of here, but that wasn’t an option) by heading to the gas station for a few backpack beers, throwing on the headphones, grabbing the camera, and heading out for a stroll…  Nothing new there, but it was a pretty little village.  I’m sure seeing the pictures second hand will be a lot more entertaining than having to spend a week or two here, and I’m glad to take that hit for you.

And the stroll starts... Right across the street from the Hotel Waldlust.

I guess this is a concert venue, cut right into the hill there. I could go see Nazareth, some presumably shitty German metal band.

Getting towards 'downtown.'

Swans, pretty.

Ah yes, the local NFL pro shop. Looks like business is booming.

This is just weird. I mean what are the odds that they would have two rivers with the exact same name like 8 miles from one another? That just seems like poor planning to me.

The little town is as picturesque as it is dull.

Well, I know what that bottom one means.

Das Naab.

There it is... Schwandorf should buy this shit from me and put it in their travel brochure. Ok, Schwandorf should totally start a travel brochure, and then buy this shit from me and put it in their travel brochure.

A big water wheel, mill thing they've got in a little park by the river.

Walking through town now... This dude found Das Boot, so they bronzed him. Or something. Pretty awesome little statue whatever it is.

Old man in an alley... I find the alleys in these towns captivating for some reason.

The delightfully Bavarian town square. Although they suck at geometry.

And, a little later... The "Bar Cafe" or whatever it's named, where I get my beers on around here.

The town trapezoid later that evening.

And finally, the long walk up the hill back to my slightly-above-bed-sized hotel room.

That’s all for this evening…  I have to get some rest so I can finish up and get out of this beautiful, boring little place.  I hope you enjoyed your vicarious Sunday afternoon in Schwandorf.

-B. Littleton


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4 responses to “A Sleepy Sunday in Schwandorf

  1. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. Marilyn

    Great pictures. And I agree that virtually every ally or back street in Europe is incredibly compelling.

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