The River Naab

Each of the last two nights, I’ve done my best to grab some pictures of the fleeting sunset after work.  I’ve dashed out of the car straight to the little path outside of the hotel that runs alongside the Naab River (which is my second favorite name for a river in Germany, not far behind the Erft River in Bergheim).  Unfortunately, we work too damn hard, so it’s always pretty damn close to dark by the time I got the chance to take my little strolls, but it’s still an awfully pretty little area….

Looking back at our hotel...

Random garage sale in someone's back yard. That sewing machine must be one hell of an antique for the 95 Euro they're asking for it, not that I'm all that well-versed in old-ass sewing machines.

I'm guessing here, but 'hold your kid's hand so their punk ass doesn't fall in the river.'


Standing on the bridge over the river on the one and only road out of town.

One of the numerous times each day I wish I understood German. So don't know what this means.

This little crest is on the gate to our hotel. So don't know what this guy means either. Looks like French.

The sun left me hanging.

A little fountain across the street. It's not over till the fat lady does whatever this fat lady is doing. And she's doing it now, so this must be the end... Upon closer inspection, that might be a guy. Oh well.

Hope you enjoyed your river-side stroll…  It’s time to drink some beers and get some sleep.

Until next time,

-B. Littleton


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114 responses to “The River Naab

  1. There is something so incredibly cool about water reflection pix — those are my absolute FAVES!

    Beautiful work…


  2. Great photos. The sign that says “auf wiedersehen” means “until next time. blackfield market”.

    The grate is in French. It appears to be a crest for a grillers (like grill-rotisserie) society. Interesting. You can find out more about the society by goolge-ing the name. They’ve been around a really long time – kind of interesting.

    • Thanks a bunch for that information. 🙂 It’s been my experience that the Germans certainly love them some grilling…. The night I arrived in this little town there was a big farmer’s market just outside the gate on which I saw the little crest, and not far from the sign. I just bet it’s related. I’ll have to read up on it a little bit.

  3. Beautiful photographs!! I would love to explain all of the German to you, but I so don’t know what it says either…like, I have no idea. Even Google Translate won’t help me much. I tried.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 😉

  4. Hehe, I love the fat ladyguy! I wonder what the creator’s vision was…

  5. Did you already have a flood?
    The Naab usually floods every spring when the snow melts.

  6. Hi, just discovered your blog because the photos looked so familiar! I remember Naab river, it seems pretty shallow on the photos. The bavarian houses can not be mistaken for some other country. I lived in Bavaria 10 years. The sign at the small bridge says “walking on the bridge on your own risk”. 🙂

    Oh my, now I started missing my “second home”… The sunsets, the grilling, the beer, summer nights, driving around in countryside…

  7. Very nice photography. Could have done without the harsh language on the photo about holding children’s hands when crossing bridge, though. Thanks for sharing anyway. Connie

  8. 3

    Pretty place. Nicely shot! 🙂

  9. Awesome reflection photos! I don’t think rotisserie has anything to do with food in this case ….it’s probably a part of the Rotary organisation.

    • Thanks a lot… It’s about bed time here in Bavaria, but this evening I noticed another crest with the same inscription of that in the photo… My curiosity has definitely been piqued, so when I get a chance I’ll look into it and let everyone know 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures! The reflection pictures are awesome! So pristine and quiet!

  11. Sarah D.

    Looks like a beautiful place. Auf Wiedersehen (on the sign) means Goodbye.

  12. Reblogged this on Azalea blog and commented:
    All are looking beautiful.

  13. Lovely photos! The reflections are beautiful.


  14. really a silent settled story………………..lovd it

  15. great photos, although the last one is pretty amusing, hehe :]

  16. Brett you big timer you. Love Dane.

  17. Exquisite! Rivers are ever so enchanting and this one is really ravishing with its clarity and calmness. Great photography!

  18. sangjiwa

    Reminds me of our lake where i can see both side up and down of our twin tower, our istana budaya and our giant wheel of chair day and night of the light.. perfectly beautiful.

  19. I can help you with the German language:
    The blue sign with the kid is the official german traffic sign, which means “this path is for pedestrians only/vehicles prohibited” (you can also find it in the city centres, where there are pedestrian zones), but I guess that’s needless to say, regarding the poor footbridge 😉 The sign beneath it “Betreten des Steges auf eigene Gefahr” means “Entering onto the footbridge is at your own risk.”
    “Auf Wiedersehen Markt Schwarzenfeld” means “Until next time/ See you market Schwarzenfeld”, whereas Schwarzenfeld is the name of the market/area… you could also translate the name Schwarzenfeld it means “black field”.
    Hope that helps! 🙂

  20. the river looks like a mirror

  21. Really nice photos – and really pretty area!

  22. Fantastic posting. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Excellent photos indeed.

    Steven Wade Edinburgh

  24. Great shots and very hilarious captions!

  25. hello
    im from the area of naab.
    But not home now.
    The sighn on the road means See you again, the other plate i dont know..
    Nice Pictures it remember my HOME ….

  26. Ahhh, a little bit of Germany, thanks! Makes my weekend!

  27. ‘A little fountain across the street. It’s not over till the fat lady does whatever this fat lady is doing. And she’s doing it now, so this must be the end… Upon closer inspection, that might be a guy. Oh well.’
    -I can’t tell you how much this made me laugh! haha! And brilliant post, sometimes the unseen ‘unremarkable’ becomes remarkable when revealed!

  28. Hey man, I can’t find your first name anywhere maybe I missed it. I wanted to say Hey ______, I love your writing. I love seeing the lives of others especially what the do for work. In another life, I’m trying to make working conditions WW better for people and the environment, but this life I’m a crazy artist who works in communications/writing/training role at a big distribution company while he figures out what aspects of his art should be products that might sell. I live in New York City, and thanks again for sharing. I’ll check up on you here.

    My blog is (not for kids!)


    • Hi Christian. My name is Brett, it’s good to meet you.

      Those are very admirable goals. The company I’m currently working for makes a product that helps reduce green house gas emissions in power plants, the environment is pretty important to me to.

      Thanks for your interest, I wish you the best of luck in current profession, and with your art in both this life and the next 🙂


  29. I was going to answer the question of what the signs say but someone beat me to it … nice photos and enjoy your future strolls

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    Amazingly breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.

  31. samantha7143

    Excellent photography, I loved it alot Simply too good

  32. Absolutely beautiful photographs! The reflections are incredible.

  33. Inspirational. So calm. A town blessed with beautiful images.

  34. Enjoyed the photos! Your commentary made me laugh. I enjoyed it, especially guessing at what the signs actually say.

  35. Markus Wunsch

    Hey Brett, as i see you enjoy your little trip, i´m glad.
    Here is indeed something going on properly, that´s nice.
    By the way the people befor me are right, nice mirror pictures!!! Right place, right time and a good photographer.
    I like your humor!

  36. Good stuff. The only breath of air at the time must have been yours. Bruce

  37. These are very beautiful – I’m Australian, but used to live in Trier, Germany and these photos were very nostalgic.

    • Thanks, glad to hear it.

      Strangely enough on one my first trips to Germany I went and spent an afternoon strolling around Trier. The ampitheater and the Black Gate were gorgeous. I loved the mixture of the Roman and German architecture. That was in my pre-blogging days, but I’m planning on posting the pictures from Trier someday. I’ll let you know when I do.

      Thanks for your interest.

      • wow!! Its one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to!. The people are warm and open and so welcoming.

        You must go during the countless festivals they have (if you go back) altstadt fest – old city festival is wonderful and ofcourse the weinachtfest – the christmas festival. I’m from Mlebourne, so winter/christmas was just a treat, and so very special.

        thank you for sharing :).

      • I thought it was gorgeous. Of course i spent a total of 4 or 5 hours seeing only what the internet told me to, but it was a really pretty place. The amphitheater was probably my favorite. It’d be delightful to be there for a festival, I’ve caught a few festivals, completely by accident, but they’re always a blast. Carnival in Koln was ridiculous. Amazing, but ridiculous.

        So i have to ask, what brought an Aussie all the way to Trier? Seems like an interesting place to end up…

      • Koln for Christmas festival is pretty cool too!
        how much longer are you in Germania for?

        travel! – constant crazy need to travel – like a lot of us aussies i think. we’re everywhere! its odd b/c Melbourne is possible the most beautiful place I’ve seen/lived in, yet we flock in the masses to get out as much as we can.

        I think its the constant need for discovering, and adventures which drives us lil koalas 🙂

        Trier is a long story, but basically for travel and work, and its one of things you just will never forget.


      • Only a few more days now… I actually stayed an extra week just hang out and travel around europe a little bit this trip. But i’ll heading back stateside on april 10.

        I’ve heard they do some pretty amazing things for Christmas around here, Nuremberg is supposed to be amazing, and these germans love themselves a festival, i’m sure it’d be a sight…

        I’ve actually met several Aussies at home in colorado, several went to school at out large university, and the area is a destination for anyone who loves to ski. I’ve wanted to visit Australia since i can remember… I hear it’s gorgeous, and quite American-friendly :). And i know what you mean, i could never imagine leaving Colorado for good, but I’ve definitely caught the travel bug. I was surprised as i didn’t think Trier was that large, or well-known of a town. What do you do for a living? Do you travel a lot for work?

  38. Those are amazing pictures! Such a beautiful place! I love it!

  39. superb collection of pics…

  40. Markus Wunsch

    Since carnival i was no longer at my little old home Bergheim.
    Last night we were at the Best, there was really something going on. Met o lot of old friends. It was a random because some no longer live in Bergheim (or Germany). Oh man, my head sounds like the lowest key on the piano. But was greate, if i´m ever in Bergheim.
    I also hope we can drink a Kölsch together at the meeting place Best!
    Also being with glen.
    Best wishes from bergheim


    And congratulations on being Freshly-Pressed 🙂

  42. Beautiful pictures of reflections. Thanks for sharing!

  43. B. you take nice photo’s. your command of the english language is banal and sophomoric. show us a little more class and creativity.

  44. This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that. Have a great day!

  45. Excellent work! I am so captivated by your beautiful shots!

  46. You have a great eye for photography. Very good shots (and I don’t mean Jagermeister). This takes me back forty years ago when I was stationed in Neu Ulm in the Army. The architecture, store signs, road signs and “oh yeah” the menu. Love Jagerschnizel mit Champinoins (sp) those would be mushrooms. Enjoy your stay in beautiful Bavaria!

  47. nowwhatsmyname

    entertaining! great shots!

  48. mind4intellect

    wow…very dark and original.

  49. sangjiwa

    If you still wanna have a glance at the picture, you may visit may facebook Sang Pemimpi photo album memories. thanks ~ a walking dream
    Soryy for the trouble

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