Let’s Burn Some Trash

Here’s a few cell phone pictures of the power plant at which I have the pleasure of spending the next two weeks of my life.  This place is a little different.  Every plant I’ve ever worked at has been a coal burning facility, this place is actually a waste incinerator.  In other words, they burn trash for fuel.  As you can imagine it smells like, well, like a burning landfill.  But, the stink aside, trash doesn’t burn nearly as efficiently as coal, so it’s not as hot where we’re working, so that’s nice.  And I get a nice warm fuzzy knowing that I’m doing my part to help improve a clean, renewable energy power plant plant, or whatever.

There she be. Look at that delicious cloud of smoke....

Them green things are the rail cars in which they bring in the trash.


The giant crane the moves these things around like they're toys.

The giant claw game. I sure hope I win a beta-max. I guess they use this beast to move the trash into the boiler itself. I wish the picture did this thing justice. The pile of trash is massive.

A little blurry, but they had trash people in the control room.

The beer of choice around here. Not as bad as the label would indicate.

And last but not least, some dude we seen in the pizza place after work tonight. Pretty graphic for being in public isn't it? As Glendo said, "He's gripping that bitch like a bowling ball."

Welp, that was my day in  Schwandorf and Schwarzenfeld…  Pretty enthralling eh?

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “Let’s Burn Some Trash

  1. Marilyn

    You are absolutely wearing the white hat this trip. Thanks for the pictures – I love the trash people!

  2. glen

    Trash people are fun but trashing people umm yea fun too…

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