Welcome to Schwarzenfeld

So this weekend’s 24 hour travel day culminated in Schwarzenfeld, Germany, about 10 miles from the power plant in which we’ll have the pleasure of toiling away this trip.  The town is so small that its Wikipedia entry states only that it exists, and that it’s home to “The melodic death metal band Deadlock.”

Glen and I went on a little stroll upon our arrival to see the place.  Unfortunately we didn’t see Deadlock, but other than that, I’m pretty sure we saw the entire town…  Check it out.

Our hotel. The Schloss Schwarzenfeld. It and the church are by far the most prominent structures in town.

Place is nice. Better than a lot of our accommodations out here. Used to be a castle, in case you couldn't tell by the fact that it totally looks like a castle.

Some little river out front of the hotel.

They must've forgotten the stars and stripes...

And my humble abode for the time being. Huge as far as European hotel rooms go...

Wandering about the town... Like most of Germany, it's ripe with Catholic imagery.

Some little alleyway. Apropos of nothing, just liked the picture.

The sign for Schwandorf... The home of our power plant du jour.

Come for the Schnitzel. Stay for the wiener art.

And finally, arriving back at our little chateau after dinner.

That’s all for today…  It’s time to get some rest and get ready for a two weeks in a power plant…

-B. Littleton


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14 responses to “Welcome to Schwarzenfeld

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  2. come for the schnitzel…tee hee


    • I miss Germany? I’m but an ignorant American about all I can do in Germany is ask for a beer, but I’ve grown pretty fond of it out here too :).

      • You can’t be so ignorant …. you have a passport!!!

        I miss Germany indeed! Next time you go to Trier, make sure you try the Reisling in the region. Beer is amazing too! – try bananaweizen – it sounds odd, but its banana nectar and wheat beer.


      • Haha, yes I suppose do have a passport, which puts me ahead of something like 75% of Americans… But when I’m out here, I’m still pretty ignorant. I really wish i knew even bits and pieces of the language. I’ve spent probably 4 months here in 2011 and 2012, all for work, and of course my boss tells me that learning German is unnecessary because ‘everyone there speaks English.’ In the random little towns i go to that leads to plenty of awkward, mediocre at best communication.

        I’ve heard all about the bananaweizen, and colaweizen, and all the goofy stuff people mix with their beer out here… Call me a purist, but i like beer, so i haven’t tried any of their mixes yet, i suppose i should some day…

      • You should take a short course or something? German is an interesting language that today’s English has connections… its pretty messed up in terms of Grammar etc, but I think you’ll find that you’ll understand the people far better.
        anyway, if you want to do it…you def should!, dont wanna die wishing you had. and plus! you’re IN germany! – you can find a local to chat to at the pub over a very pure german beer 🙂

        I hear you re: the cooky stuff – they are odd… have you seen the cherry banana juice?…. it looks like it shouldn’t be consumed. check it out lol.


      • I’ve thought long and hard about the rosetta’s stone or something like that. Like you said, i think it’d be good even to pick up a little here and there… It’d be really nice to be able to communicate better with some of the friends i’ve made out here. Not to mention the dudes i work with that speak little or no english at all…

        I don’t think i’ve seen that stuff… I’ve actually started to like the ‘multi-fruit nectar’ juice they have out here. As far as i can tell it’s just an all-fruit-juice medley, but it’s descent… I have adjusted to blood sausage for breakfast, but at least i can drink their juice hahaha

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