The Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado

So I’m out of crazy cool pictures from Europe to post for the time being, and that left me wondering what the hell I would post for the next week or so before I head back to Germany.  On my way to work yesterday, it occurred to me that I’ve spent the last 10 years living in and around Boulder, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  It also occurred to me that I’ve grown almost complacent about the beauty that surrounds me when I actually have the opportunity to be at home, and that other people, well, other people aren’t lucky enough to see this every day.

So this morning as I stumbled out the door, I grabbed the camera, and headed west on the back roads towards the office.  It wasn’t hard to find a good place for an impromptu photo shoot.  I barely had to get out of the truck.  So here’s a few pictures of the Flatirons, Boulder’s famous, and incredibly beautiful mountains and rock formations.

Here's where I stopped. Didn't even have to leave the parking lot.

Nerdy as it might be, I think this marked the first time I actually turned off the full auto mode, and used the rather intimidating settings on my D-SLR to improve the quality of my pictures. Here's before I adjusted the white balance...

And here's after. Hey, I'm learning.

It's postcard pretty.

About a half-mile down the road I saw these guys and pulled over...

I forget how lucky I am. This is just on the way to work. I hope Colorado will forgive me my transgressions for becoming desensitized...

I suppose one benefit of all the travel is it does tend to renew one’s appreciation for home.  And although we might not have the astonishing architecture and beautiful centuries-old cities of Europe, we do have this going for us.  Which is nice.

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “The Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado

  1. Gorgeous. I pine for a range of mountains, like at home in Reno or there in Boulder. Sure, the Cascades are a range, but they’re so spread out! Still, Mt. Hood sure is growing on me. Breathtaking photos, cuz.

  2. Amolia

    This makes me miss Colorado even more! 😦 Glad you’re enjoying it for me in the meantime

  3. pretty. i miss colorado already. but…we did go swimming at 6pm tonight and watched a really stunning sunset over the water. has to count for something, right?

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