The Sights of Carnival in Koln – Part 2

A few more images of our Carnival outing to Cologne…

Buch of Jesuses (Jesusi? What's the plural of Jesus??) outside the Dom.

Cute little airdale puppy.

The Jesuses again. They were doing the little human hallway thing and having people run through it.

Somehow, in my drunken revelry I managed to take some of my favorite pictures of the Dom during this little excursion.

I'm pissed about the scaffolding. Someone needs to tell the Germans to stop maintaining this beautiful antiquity so I can get a clean picture. Selfish bastards.

I like this. The girls on the left are looking at pictures they've taken, and in the background someone in a clown costume is getting loaded into an ambulance.

Ok, probably a few too many pictures of the Dom, but I'm ok with that.

Wandering the narrow, cobblestone downtown streets.

Ahh yes, a drunken fight between a dude dressed as a chick and a chick dressed as the devil.

Old people dancing in the street.

And finally, Glendo making more friends. Everyone loves Glen. Also, I'm a fan of the dude with the drawn-on mustache giving me the stink-eye in the background. Not sure what I did to him...

Our day in Koln is winding down.  One last batch of pictures coming soon…

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “The Sights of Carnival in Koln – Part 2

  1. He, he, I like the “Jesuses”

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