The Sights of Carnival in Koln – Part 1

Here’s just a few of the pictures I took during our little Carnival adventure.

Just outside the train station. Heath Ledger would be proud.

Better than a million people showed up. Quite the little get-together.

So many people.

Anyone up for a quick game of chess on this dude's face?

Human statue street performer in the courtyard out front of the Kolner Dom. This guy has been manning his post every time I've been there.

The Kolner Dom.

Yum. Dirty Harry booze. I wonder if Clint Eastwood gets a cut.

While I was looking through all these pictures I found it really funny how often my eyes and my camera were drawn away from all the crazy up to the Cathedral.

The Germans love those skin-tight Charlie Kelly suits...

About the closest we got to the actual parade.

Glen had the brilliant idea to try to go around the block. I bet it took half an hour to navigate the sea of humanity.

Crazy dude had climbed up onto a utility box. I have no idea how he got up there, or how he got down.

Glen fit in wonderfully. Lookin' sharp in his Kanye glasses and his 2-dollar pimp hat.

That’s all for now, more pictures coming soon.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “The Sights of Carnival in Koln – Part 1

  1. Markus Wunsch

    I´m sorry about my last Comment, I think it was wrong translated.
    I mean just give me a call or write a mail when you´ll be back in Germany again. We´ll make a little tour through the Eifel National Park and I´ll show you the castle of Vogelsang “Internatinal Place”.

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