The Faces of Carnival – Bergheim

Just some pictures of a  few of the many faces I saw at the Carnival parade in Bergheim.

It was an event for all ages, that's for sure. From litle kiddos to their grandparents pretty much everyone came out.

Tigger rocking a fanny pack and smoking a cigarette. Pooh would be proud.

Little kiddo at the bar... I must've been in Europe.

Like this picture.

Old German dude was selling beer by the side of the street. I guess he was doing some Q.A. here.

Get down tonight.

Cute little Christmas tree. Lot's of people dressed as Christmas trees.

Probably my favorite image from the day. Gotta love the accordian with the beer-holder.

Also, gotta love the stroller with a keg in it.

Glendo making friends.

One more batch of the pictures coming soon. 

-B. Littleton


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4 responses to “The Faces of Carnival – Bergheim

  1. Markus Wunsch

    Nice pictures of my sleepy little old town. We met at the pub Best on sunday. I grew up in Bergheim was a nice protected time. Now I traveled halfway across the world and met a lot of people. I´m sorry my english isn´t as good as it should be. Hope you understand.
    In the Studies I spent half a year in BC Canada working for the royal canadian forest service. Was greate.
    I just wanted to say great blog, nice pictures. Made as well on!

    • I really enjoyed my time in Bergheim. It is a quiet little town, but I liked it. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Canada, it’s a very beautiful place. Thanks very much for your interest in my blog. Maybe we’ll drink a beer next time I’m in Germany.

  2. Markus Wunsch

    If I´m near Bergheim next time you´ll be there I would like drink a beer with you and Glen.
    I like your pictures took in the Colorado Rockies on. Your Nikon is not Bad!
    Taking pictures from landscapes, Wildlife and nature in general is a part of my job. Most time I take a Lumix with me. I work for the German forest service in our little national park Eifel but a part of my job is international. Next year I´ll travel to Montana, Glacier national park. There´ll be a projekt to protect the northern “mountain lion” and I made some Expierences with the European specimen. So 12 people from all over the wold meet there, me included.
    Wat I like on your blog is you had a very good overview of the things, that´s nice.

    • I’d like that too.

      Thanks! It’s not very hard to get good pictures in the Rocky Mountains. Everything is so pretty that you just point the camera and shoot 🙂

      I have never really had a chance to see the German country side. Maybe next time we could go check out your little park…

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