The Faces of Carnival – Bergheim Part 2

The rest of the pictures from the Carnival Parade in Bergheim.

I love this picture, and this costume.

Another little kiddo. I think she likes Carnival more than her dad does.

Little kid throwing candy off the parade float. Lots of shit was getting thrown off the parade floats. I definitely got hit in the face with a chocolate bar.

Hard to argue with a German Energizer Bunny rocking some Lenny Kravitz glasses.

I guess Pippi can't hold her liquor.

Cute little hippy girl.

So it started raining like crazy halfway through the parade, but those pragmatic Germans just put plastic bags over their nogins and kept on going.

After the parade we went to Best, our local watering hole. It was bumpin.

A very friendly mullet-sporting dude we drank with.

Would someone please get Glen a beer? Dude needs his fix.

That’s all from Carnival in Bergheim.  But unbelievably enough, that’s only the tip of the drunken-German iceberg.  The next day we went to the parade in Cologne.  This quiet little get together was nothing in comparison.  They were guessing that 1.5 million people showed up in Cologne, and I completely believe it.  A video and some pictures coming very soon.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “The Faces of Carnival – Bergheim Part 2

  1. You take such amazing photos! I am so jealous of your talent 🙂

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