Carnival in Bergheim

Last weekend Glen and I ended up with both Sunday and Monday off on account of Carnival.  Apparently the whole Westphalia region in Germany takes about four days off work to celebrate leading up to Ash Wednesday.  This whole thing caught us entirely off guard; we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  But as Glendo said, if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join them, so we did.

Sunday was the big parade in our little town of Bergheim.  So we put on our drunken German pants on and headed out to check out the parade and the other revelry.  We were in a town of about 75,000 people, and I think every last one of them was there.  It was a chilly day, and it rained for a while, but that didn’t slow anyone down.

As always, I had the camera with me, and I made another little time lapse video of the day’s festivities.  If you like drinking at 11:00 AM, accordions with beer holders, chicks with bright pink hair, and Germans in bunny suits (and come on, who doesn’t) then you might want to give it a look.


I also have a bunch of pictures and a video of the Carnival parade from Cologne, and that was downright insane.  People travel from all over the world for the Cologne celebration, and it showed.  But that’s another story for another day.


-B. Littleton.


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5 responses to “Carnival in Bergheim

  1. Amolia

    I like the guy shooting the beer down in the video. Nice job!

  2. hihi, the girl with the pink hairs…. it´s me!!!These are very nice pictures!Greatings from Bergheim!

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