A Friday Night in Bergheim

On Saturday Glen and I had the chance to sleep in.  As such on Friday we went out on the town, as much as one can go out on the town in Bergheim anyway (if you click that link it says ” The city’s Niederaußem district is one of the most important suppliers for energy from lignites in Europe,” and that’s why I’m here).  It’s a sleepy little town.  But it’s home for the next week or two.  It’s not all bad, the people here are friendly, and don’t see too many Americans, so we’ve done ok making friends.  Anywho, here’s a look.

Our first stop on this, and most evenings. I don't know the name of this place, we just know it as the "Old People Bar."

Our dinner stop. Old bartender is almost annoyingly friendly, but the food is palatable, they have a descent steak, and if you ask real nice, you can get ketchup with your 'pommes' instead of mayo.

The main drag thing in town. It's more like what we know as a pedestrian mall in the states, but almost every little town I've been in out here has one of these. More of a town center thing I guess.

The remnants of some castle gate makes up one end of the street.

Could be in any strip mall in America.

A statue and the steeple of the church in their little town square.

The rock n roll bar. It's aptly named. By far the best place to get a drink in town if your temples aren't going all Mitt Romney on you. Not to mention after a week of German techno dubstep or crappy 80's music it was delightful to hear The Strokes and Green Day.

Inside the bar. I was trying to take pictures of the dudes across the bar without them picking up on it, but I missed.

Shit, missed again.

Hey, I finally got em... I think that dude's on to me.

And finally, the bar at Best... Quite the selection.

So that’s all you need to know about a Friday night in Bergheim.

-B. Littleton

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One response to “A Friday Night in Bergheim

  1. paleopies

    Thanks for your travel experiences. As a younger man, I remember the narrow streets in my Rhineland travels, and the closeness of the signposts and building corners, as my head pressed against the window of the bus. A Palm Beach Florida shopping promenade IS just as wide.

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