A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 19 – Tigre del Delta

It's almost home time.

This little guy was passed out cold on the dock. He let the entire boat's worth of people walk right past him without so much as lifting his head. I'm sure he'll get around to moving manana.

A bit of a fixer-upper.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay for over... We're on the boat home...

I bet this hotel would be pretty sweet....

So I'm not sure if locals used the tourist boats to get around, or if the tourists used the locals' boats to go see shit, but either way there were a lot of both board. This kid rode out with us, and then gave some kind of parcel to someone on board on our way back.

It was an awfully enjoyable ride back to town.

The last of the pictures of our boat ride tomorrow…  Our time in Buenos Aires is nearing an end…

-B. Littleton

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