A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 18 – Tigre del Delta

Guess we have more pictures of Tigre then I thought.  It checks out, as I loved the place so much James pretty much had to drag me back to the dock so we didn’t miss our boat back home.  So here’s a few more pictures.

Holy crap I want this house.

Kids being kids. This was fun to watch.

The two little dudes rowed up to the little pier and said something to this girl...

At which point she promptly turned around and ran off...

And the little dudes just continued to row their boat gently down the stream.... Wish I knew what went down in that little exchange.

This was crazy... These dudes definitely lived on this boat. And in retrospect, probably not the brightest idea for an American tourist to snap some pictures of a dude wielding a machete.

Their little abode is on the left there.

According to James, this was the island's hardware store. Pretty sweet.

Love this picture. I'm sure in my head this lifestyle is a lot more romantic than in real life, but it looks pretty amazing to me.

A little restaurant or something.

And finally a Tigre 'dumpster.' I don't know if it was due to high water or wildlife or what, but all the trash was in these makeshift receptacles. They cut 50-gallon drums in half and welded them to a pole so the trash sat a few feet of the ground. Weird.

That’s all on Argentina for today.  More to come before too long.

-B. Littleton

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