The Haus Dellwig

On Sunday, when Glen and I arrived in Germany, we, as usual, set up our flights to get us in at a reasonable hour.  This allowed us time to head three hours north on the Autobahn to our destination, and with a little time left over, pick a spot via Google to check out for an hour or two.  As always, had to be at work the next day, so we were here for maybe an hour.  But I suppose this is a place not too many Americans will ever lay eyes on, so I got that going for me.  Which is nice.

This is the Haus Dellwig.  It’s in the Dortmund area, and I know nothing else about the place.  I would so link you to a Wikipedia article if one existed in English.  But one doesn’t, so you can Google it yourself if you’d like, and I do reccomend doing an image search on this place.  There are some pretty dramatic pictures that like legit photographers have taken.  And apparently I can link to a search term on Google images, so you don’t even have to take the time to copy and paste it….  Any who, here’s the pictures a lowly travelling field service technician manged to take.  Enjoy.

The path up to the little castle.

The entryway.

In we go.

There she be... The Haus Dellwig. A little less dramatic than the images I saw on Google image search. But c'est la vit.

A wagon wheel. How post-modern.

Kinda like this picture. The sun in a little cast-iron decoration thing they had on the gate.

A bunch of old farm equipment in a field just next to the castle. I like this picture too.

How artsy. The obligatory looking-up-a-tree shot.

I see why they call it the black forest.

A little more dramatic from over here. We got Glendo down there in the corner. He'd awoken from his power nap by this point.

Still a really pretty place. Just not the super big, super dramatic sight one hopes for in a castle.

Also, I bet moats aren't super helpful in the winter.

Ok, I'm no doctor, but that tree really ought to have that checked out.

Just another pretty forest picture.

I'm on a moat. I'm on a moat. Everybody look at me.

The castle turret.

And some field on the walk back to the car.

Some pictures of the town of Marl coming tomorrow.  Buenos Noches from Bergheim.

-B. Littleton

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  1. Marilyn

    Great photos!

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