The 24 Hour Travel Day to Germany

So just about half of Saturday and half of Sunday were devoted to making the 24 hour trek from Denver, Colorado to Marl, Germany.   The ‘day’ started in a pretty hardcore little blizzard in Colorado, had brief sojourns in Chicago and Frankfurt, and ended in some random tiny little town nearby the Nazi-built facility at which Glen and I have the pleasure of working this week.
Honestly wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.  The city had plows all over the storm, the airport was smooth sailing, all our flights were on time, and I got bumped to first class on the flight to Chicago.  Take a look at the trip though the eyes of my phone.

The view from my bedroom window when I awoke....

Digging out the truck for the trek to the airport.

One of the benefits of driving a Taco. I was able to plow through a snowbank to get pretty much the best spot in the economy lot. And, I got to plow through a snow bank. That was fun.

The walkway to the A concourse at DIA. If you ever fly through DIA, go to the concourse A security checkpoint, as you can see, it's almost always empty.

On to O'Hare. Known to many frequent fliers as "that shitty airport I have to fly through."

This is their walkway between the B and C concourses.

I bet this was the shit in 1982.

The friendly Chicagoans were less than impressed with the fact that I was taking pictures.

Long-ass flight from O'Hare to Frankfurt. 9 hours. Ambien helps a lot. I don't remember the flight from this point on.

The departure board at the Frankfurt Airport. 2nd busiest airport in Europe to Heathrow.

Ah yes, the meitwagen (rental car). Sometimes we get lucky and get a super sweet meitwagen. This trip is one of those times. Driving on the Autobahn is f*%king awesome. Thanks to Glendo for the picture. My hairline looks amazing, by the way.

My esteemed colleague Glendo is clearly pretty excited to be in Germany.

Rhode Island right?

Home for a few days. Sleepy Marl, Germany

My humble abode for the trip. European hotel rooms are pretty tiny. This one isn't too bad though.

And finally, the hotel/bar/restaurant at which Glen and I have dined the last couple of nights. Not much to chose from in this little place....

Stay tuned, I’ll be putting up some more pictures of our little German host-town, and the Haus Dellwig, the little castle we visited yesterday, in the next few days.

Gute Nacht aus Marl

-B. Littleton

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